Monday, July 21, 2014

Zip Lining the Park

This time when we said we were going on an adventure....we really meant it.  We spent a few hours this last weekend flying from tree to tree, suspended by cables, going up to 40 m.p.h. and hanging up to 90 feet off the ground!  And we did all this while visiting our 19th Virginia State Park! 

Shenandoah River State Park has partnered with Virginia Canopy Tours to offer zip lining in the park.  We bought a couple of packages off of Groupon a few months back and decided this was the weekend to give it a try.  The park, near Front Royal Virginia, was amazing.  If you are looking to camp here while on your adventure then they have the perfect spots.  We didn't camp because we were just going up and staying the one night and honestly I don't want to do all that work just for a night. 

We went up during the day on Friday and toured some of the wineries (there are PLENTY-we only hit 4).  Then later Friday night we wandered over to historic Front Royal and spent an evening chowing down on good food and listening to good music.  We've been near the city before but didn't actually look around so this time Mark and I took our time wandering around.


Saturday morning we drove down to the park and got checked in.  If you don't already have a park pass you do have to pay a small fee for parking ($5).  There are plenty of signs to direct you to the Zip Lining.  Along with the zip lining you get a T-Shirt, instructions, a lift up to the site.  There is also an air bridge, air stairs and a final repel down.  The price according to the web site is $84.  If you want pictures or to rent a Gopro there is an additional fee ($35).  I am totally kicking myself for not renting it!  They do take pictures at one point of you zipping but it's not the same as looking down and seeing how far you are off the ground!  And you aren't supposed to take cell phones or free hanging cameras.  They do all the rigging for you so you just sit down and fly.   

      The longest zip was over 1000 feet long and up to 40 miles a hour!  I even managed to get a "That was cool" out of Mark...who doesn't impress easily.  I swear I would have to set the house on fire in order to get him really excited!  He did say he would like to do it you KNOW I'm already planning that adventure!   I would recommend that if you don't have a Gopro or someting similar you rent or borrow one from a friend.   This is one adventure you are going to want to share with all of your friends!