Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Secret Garden

Finally got the fence in this week...and have been spending time outside in the yard ever since :)

See that rusty old chain link fence?

The old fence has been up around this house since before Mark bought the house....102 years ago!  Ok not really THAT long but it sure was starting to look like it.  The posts holding the fence up had rusted so bad in some places they were broken off at the bases.  The fence was dying a slow death!  We knew we needed to replace it and replace it we did!

The new fence :)

The other side of the house

From the inside (I just planted that little Japanese Maple last year)

Along the very back we put up a privacy fence

Now I feel like the yard is done....done in that most of the stuff that needed fixed or bought is done.  Emma can play in the yard without fear of the fence collapsing and I won't worry when Buster jumps on the fence for his daily hot dog from the neighbor.  And all my pretty flowers can just grow in peace :)

This picture still has the OLD fence in it....can't wait to see it next year!

Emma's very own princess house

Now if I can just get it to rain soon so that all the beautiful things in the yard don't die!!!  It's blazing hot outside and everything is burning up!  Maybe time to perfect that rain dance!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A 4th of July Tree

I had plans and decorations for a Mother's Day Tree and a Father's Day Tree....but those ideas and decorations somehow did not make it onto our Seasonal Tree.  Maybe had something to do with the 206 sports banquests, end of school celebrations and children's activities we get to attend.  But now some of the activities have subsided and I had time to change out the seasonal tree.  Up next....the 4th of July Tree!

The tree skirt is just a round table cloth with individual quilted yo-yos sewn to the hem.  I did trim the table cloth down to fit the diameter I wanted and then stitched the yo-yos right onto the cloth.  I think it's a nice addition to the collection. 

And just because I am so stinking proud of Tommy and Christy....

Tommy getting his letter for Outdoor Track

Christy getting her award for soccer

Before long it will be cross country for Tommy and fall soccer for Christy...I better cherish this semi-down time while I can!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Love

This Father's Day weekend flew by like a flash!  Maybe it had something to do with trying to pack a weeks worth of events into one weekend?

We watched a play at Swiftcreek Mill Playhouse

Had Brunch with my parents and sister

Finally got the tree decorated

Nearly got scared to death while
gardening when this critter showed up

Poor thing was so tired she couldn't
even make it all the way into bed

This past Friday work started on getting that new fence they are supposed to be finishing it up!  I can't even tell you how excited I am about that.  And this week is the first full week that Tommy and Christy are out of school.  So far I've heard "I'm bored" about 5 times.  When I tell them to clean a room or do laundry the boredom is suddenly gone.  I do have a few fun activities planned for the evenings but tonight I just might be sitting on the deck admiring the new fence :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Twilightfully Different Race

The Tri-City Road Runners sponsor a race annually that isn't like other 5Ks.  In fact it's not a 5K.  That would be 3.1 miles.  This race is 3.5 miles....and therefore Twilightfully different :)

Held at Richard Bland College, in Petersburg, this is a road course that is mostly flat.  It's held in the evening and there are prerace runs for the kids and post race food and drinks.  This year due to having to be at two places at once I didn't run but Tommy was able to get in on the action! 

Water for the little ones to play in

Playing the Star Spangled Banner

Runners take your mark

A pecan grove on the campus

Campus buildings

Yep that is a barn silo

Waiting for the first runner

The finish line :)

Tommy and his buddies after a good run

Emma letting us know
she doesn't want to go

The water for the kids to play in was from a fire truck....they raised their ladder and opened a hydrant and the kids just went crazy.  It's freezing cold water but it doesn't stop the kids.  The after race food is pizza and fresh melons.  AWESOME!  They even had some wine and adult beverages post race for the grown ups!  It's really a great way to spend and evening! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Love

Weekend, OH weekend....where did you go and why did you go so quickly?  Because of commitments to a few projects The Busy Bryant's stayed close to home this weekend.  There was an old chain link fence to take down so that a new fence can go up, two soccer games, a formal dance for Christy to go to, a race for Tommy to run and the M.O.M. project I was volunteering with.  Busy weekend indeed. 

I stole a minute here and there to relax out in the 'secret garden'

I know that this week will be just as busy as the rest.  Sports dinner for Tommy, a night at the theater with Mark, a new fence going in sometime.....It. Never. Slows. Down!  Hope your Monday is off to a great start and the week is looking good for you.