Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Secret Garden

Finally got the fence in this week...and have been spending time outside in the yard ever since :)

See that rusty old chain link fence?

The old fence has been up around this house since before Mark bought the house....102 years ago!  Ok not really THAT long but it sure was starting to look like it.  The posts holding the fence up had rusted so bad in some places they were broken off at the bases.  The fence was dying a slow death!  We knew we needed to replace it and replace it we did!

The new fence :)

The other side of the house

From the inside (I just planted that little Japanese Maple last year)

Along the very back we put up a privacy fence

Now I feel like the yard is done....done in that most of the stuff that needed fixed or bought is done.  Emma can play in the yard without fear of the fence collapsing and I won't worry when Buster jumps on the fence for his daily hot dog from the neighbor.  And all my pretty flowers can just grow in peace :)

This picture still has the OLD fence in it....can't wait to see it next year!

Emma's very own princess house

Now if I can just get it to rain soon so that all the beautiful things in the yard don't die!!!  It's blazing hot outside and everything is burning up!  Maybe time to perfect that rain dance!

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