Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Twilightfully Different Race

The Tri-City Road Runners sponsor a race annually that isn't like other 5Ks.  In fact it's not a 5K.  That would be 3.1 miles.  This race is 3.5 miles....and therefore Twilightfully different :)

Held at Richard Bland College, in Petersburg, this is a road course that is mostly flat.  It's held in the evening and there are prerace runs for the kids and post race food and drinks.  This year due to having to be at two places at once I didn't run but Tommy was able to get in on the action! 

Water for the little ones to play in

Playing the Star Spangled Banner

Runners take your mark

A pecan grove on the campus

Campus buildings

Yep that is a barn silo

Waiting for the first runner

The finish line :)

Tommy and his buddies after a good run

Emma letting us know
she doesn't want to go

The water for the kids to play in was from a fire truck....they raised their ladder and opened a hydrant and the kids just went crazy.  It's freezing cold water but it doesn't stop the kids.  The after race food is pizza and fresh melons.  AWESOME!  They even had some wine and adult beverages post race for the grown ups!  It's really a great way to spend and evening! 

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