Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Fog

 After a weekend that started off with the promise of super business and ended with a partial wash out, I find myself dealing with a fogginess that I can only call Monday.  The last couple weeks we have been nothing but on the go.  A trip to Great Wolf Lodge, 4 days at Hungry Mother State Park, Girls Scout Cookies are IN, and the usual hubbub that keeps us on our toes has had me worn out.  And as this weekend started I could feel my body telling me it was time to slow down.  Or was it the stomach bug I was about to encounter telling me that?  Either way I got the stomach flu and I had no choice but to slow down.  Actually I had to come to a stretching halt!  Crawling out of bed this morning was HARD.  But I'm here now....alive and...mostly well. 

I'll share the details on some of the fun we've been having the next few days.  Hope everyone is well.