Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A 4th of July Tree

I had plans and decorations for a Mother's Day Tree and a Father's Day Tree....but those ideas and decorations somehow did not make it onto our Seasonal Tree.  Maybe had something to do with the 206 sports banquests, end of school celebrations and children's activities we get to attend.  But now some of the activities have subsided and I had time to change out the seasonal tree.  Up next....the 4th of July Tree!

The tree skirt is just a round table cloth with individual quilted yo-yos sewn to the hem.  I did trim the table cloth down to fit the diameter I wanted and then stitched the yo-yos right onto the cloth.  I think it's a nice addition to the collection. 

And just because I am so stinking proud of Tommy and Christy....

Tommy getting his letter for Outdoor Track

Christy getting her award for soccer

Before long it will be cross country for Tommy and fall soccer for Christy...I better cherish this semi-down time while I can!

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