Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Listen up guys...and girls.  This weekend is Mother's Day!  Don't get caught without a little something for the person that has probably kissed away more of your boo-boos and wiped more of your snot and tears than anyone else in your life. I personally am ok with dropping a hint or twenty to let my family know what I would like!

Lets start from the beginning.  Sunday morning.  Don't make mom get up and fix breakfast!  Throw something in the crockpot for her the night before so that breakfast is DONE.  Don't know anything about what to throw in there?  Seriously?  Check out Pinterest or just Google some recipes.  If you are too late to do that then fix some toast.  Really she is just going to be happy to not have to fix it herself. 

I always say you can't go wrong with fresh flowers, a flower she can plant, gift cards for a massage or manicure, an hour alone to soak in the tub, dinner at her favorite restaurant (bonus points if you cook her dinner and clean the dishes), figure out what books she's been wanting to read and give her a couple of hours to read on it....That one would win me over every time! 

This year I'm spending part of the day with my mom visiting Burnside Farms, in Haymarket Virginia.  Nether of us have ever been so looking forward to exploring this new place and picking some flowers.

Burnside Farms
Since we will be in the area maybe we can visit a local winery.  You knew that was coming.  The Winery at La Grange looks like it's close. 
As far as gifts go...well I can't say what I'm getting my mom.  She might be reading!
What I'm asking for is another story!  Kids....honey....if you are reading you know you can't go wrong with...
Converse in Parasailing Green

A Fitbit French Bull Flex Band

A Weehoo...ok this is really not so much for me but for Emma....but it's so I can easily take her with me. 

Pretty much anything in the eucalyptus and spearmint family from Bath and Body
The Sweary Colouring Book

I'm also good with the idea that anyone other than me fix breakfast, lunch or dinner!  So yeah if you guys can work on that for me I would appreciate it :-)

Hope all of the Mothers, Moms, Mommas, Mommies and anything in between have a great Mother's Day.


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