Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Henricus Historical Park

I'm not sure if it is the close proximity or the scenery of this park that keeps me coming back time and time again.  Henricus Historical Park is the site of the second permanent English settlement in the New World.  It is some 400 years old and I like to call it Mini Jamestown.  It has a small city built near the river that you can tour for a small fee.  But the portion of the park that I frequent the most is free to visitors.  There is a loop within the park that is almost 5 miles and really has some gorgeous and unusual sites.

This water is actually in the center of the park and you walk all round it.

The park is right next to the James River and part of the river flows into the park into a sort of moat.  This is apparently due to a dutch technique they used when Henricus was first being formed and thus the name for the area Dutch Gap. 

We call that wild flower Queen Anne's Lace.

Another shot of the water.  The land on the other side is part of the park.

There are some picnic tables and pavilions throughout the park as well as some floating fishing docks.  There are a few benches along the main trail but they are spaced about a mile apart.  One small bridge in the park that you pass over offers a great views.  While at the park you may even spot a balde eagle or two. 

Kayakers heading out to the river.

One wonky tree that made for a great picture.
We love this park for the nature, the history, the price and the time it allows us to spend together.  We bike here, walk here and I've even ran a race here (mud pits were involved).  Maybe I'll share that story some day. 

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