Thursday, September 15, 2011

Living and breathing in Virginia

I have lived in The Commonwealth of Virginia for all of my life.  And even after all of those years (I won't say just how many) I find something new and exciting to do all the time.  I know that as a whole Virginia is just a tiny part of world we all live in.  But even in this tiny cove you can find some adventure to get into on a regular basis.  I wanted to really start the blog to help family see what we have been up to and why we are "The Busy Bryants".  But also so travellers to our little corner can get an idea of what they can expect and find when they arrive.  Virginia, like few other states, is unique in having both sea shores and mountains.  And I'm lucky enough to live smack dab in the middle.  So I hope to post losts of stories and images as we explore the state. I can't wait to share this part of our life with you. 

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