Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Just Being Lazy

You would think with extra time off I would be getting around to the blog daily.  But that just isn't the case.  In fact yesterday I had the best of intentions for getting up early and getting sharing some of our weekend fun.  But I was feeling lazy.  We had some light rain falling and a chill in the air.  All I could think about was staying in my bed and drinking coffee....so that is exactly what I did.  Eventually I did get up....Emma prompted that!  And I got on with my day of running here and there.  What is life without the freedom to sometimes spend a morning in bed doing NOTHING :-)

This last weekend Mark and I found four new wineries and can say we've made it to about a quarter of the wineries Virginia has to offer.  We liked all four but had our favorites.

You are not seeing things....that IS a giant cork screw  

While we were off exploring Virginia this weekend my yard was busy blooming it's flowers off.  These popped open Sunday with plenty more to follow.  

If I'm not feeling lazy the rest of the week I'll share more about the wineries we visited and about a couple upcoming adventures we have in store. 

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