Friday, May 17, 2013

Rugged Maniac 2013

We did it again :-)  Rugged Maniac 2013.  It's a 5K with obstacles that include mud pits, barbed wire, 8 foot walls, giant slides, fire and at the end....a free beer.  So basically you get to pretend you are a kid again until you cross the finish line.  Then you realize you are too old for this, the soreness kicks in and you need the beer to kill the pain....haha.  That isn't totally true.  This year after running it I felt like we could have run the course again.  But that might have just been the runners high talking.  

You climb up one side, over a cargo net and down the other side. 

Because a good part of the race involves crawling in mud you end up with a decent amount of sand hiding in various places.  And I will tell you that crawling on sand is not easy on the knees!

In the end it is so worth the work.  We worked together as a team to get over a few of the obstacles and that is what felt the best. 

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