Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'll Have My Wine out in the Barn Please

Ever had wine in a barn that's over 100 years old?  I can't say that I had either....until now.  The third weekend in September Mark and I spent a couple days in Northern Virginia touring wineries.  Virginia has close to 250 wineries now....and we've only hit about 1/5 of them.  Many more days like the ones we spent here tho and we could have all of them visited pretty soon.  The thing about Northern Virginia, Leesburg and Purcellville in particular, is that the wineries are so abundant you and can literally leave one and be at another in seconds.  On this trip we made visits to 8 wineries.  We've been to wineries in this area on a few other occasions too....and we STILL haven't visited them all.

I tried to start as far north as possible and work our way south.  So first stop was at Notaviva Vineyards.

Our second visit was too Breaux Vineyards.

Next stop, 868 Estate Vineyards.

Fourth stop for the day, Hillsborough Winery.

Our fifth and final stop of the day, Doukenie Winery

The weather was great, the wineries were awesome and this was just day #1 of our trip. 
There were lots of old barns and silos.  Of the wineries Notaviva and 868 were my favorites.  They were a little more off the beaten path and my style.  Tomorrow I'll post pictures from the REALLY old barns. 

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