Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wine Trip Number ???

Over Labor Day weekend Mark, Myself and Emma took a little day trip to visit a few semi-local wineries.  They were all within a hour, hour and a half drive and all wineries we've wanted to visit but just never found the time to get to.  We passed through some beautiful country and found some friends along the way.  

First stop was at Horton Vineyards in Orange County.  We've had their wine at festivals, bought from the store and had it at our friend's homes so we knew we liked most of their wines (lots of sweet fruity wines). The winery itself is really nice....but the vineyards are gorgeous.     


Next up on the visit was a stop in Barboursville at Reynard Florence.  Reynard Florence is a family run vineyard and winery. The tasting room is small and cozy with plenty of room outside on the porch and patio if you prefer the outdoors.

Yes she wore that dress the entire day....

Our last stop was at Byrd Cellars in Goochland.  I found a new love at this Slurpee's :-)  The tasting area is actually a home built by a minister.  And when I say built by a minister I mean he built the house-not he hired someone to do it.  He had to temporarily relocate because of work but still owns the home.  So it's rented/leased out to Byrd Cellars.  

My new favorite dessert
While at the last winery we ran into a couple of people that Mark knows from work...small world.  They stayed and shared a glass with us before we were all on our way home.  It was a relaxing day with some great sights, good wine and time with each other.

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  1. Thanks so much for coming out to Byrd Cellars and taking the time to write about it! Love the pics too!