Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New Discoveries Part II

So last week I told you about a "new to me" park I discovered locally in Colonial Heights.  And I mentioned that Roslyn Park is part of a larger concept...that concept is one that The FOLAR are slowly but surely putting in place.  I accidentally stumbled across the website for the group and discovered I have an entire trail system right in my back yard to explore.  Literally, as soon as I had a free hour to myself I went off to check things out.

In Dinwiddie

Appomattox Riverside Park in Dinwiddie County

Appomattox Riverside Park

In Petersburg

Between Campbell's Bridge in Petersburg and Appomattox Riverside Park in Dinwiddie

Between Campbell's Bridge in Petersburg and Appomattox Park in Dinwiddie

In Hopewell/Prince George

Appomattox River Regional Park in Prince George

Appomattox River Regional Park in Prince George County

City Park Location in Hopewell

The individual parks are all along the Lower Appomattox River and cover ground from Dinwiddie County to Hopewell City.  The FOLAR website indicated the that it would eventually be a 22.8 mile long trail.  That made me one very happy girl!!!!  With what is already in place the Busy Bryant's have logged some serious hiking/site seeing time already. Can't wait to discover more.

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