Friday, July 31, 2015

West Virginia's Via Ferrata

As I said on Monday I think we have finally had our ultimate adventure.  And we only had to travel 3.5 hours away to find it.  Tucked in the small area of Circleville West Virginia, NROCKS, is an outdoor adventure climbing center like no other.  I found out about this place by word of mouth, nothing more than a "you might like this place...check them out".  I did some research online and pretty much became obsessed with planning this trip. 

They have a few options for outdoor adventures...canopy tours, climbing and the via ferrata.  The via what you might ask?  No worries...I had to look it up myself.  It's a series of fixed ladders, cables and bridges along a mountain route that allow passage to hikers and climbers.  That doesn't sound very adventurous does it?  What if I said NROCKS' Via Ferrata could get as high up as 280ft. off the ground?   Sign me up! 

The fixed ladders and cables
Starting up the front side of the first "fin"

Sometimes there was a ledge to walk on instead of a metal rung

The double fins.  This is from the backside of the first fin.

Now on the backside of the first fin we get to the bridge

A shot of the second fin while waiting to cross the bridge

Coming up the backside of the first fin

One of our guides taking a breather before the bridge

I had already crossed the bridge and looking back at fin one

Coming up the front side of the second fin
Now on the backside of the second fin-the optional 40ft vertical climb

Going up wasn't the problem...coming down was the challenge. 

We survived!!!!!!!!!!!!

As with all do not do this justice!  Nothing like the view from so high up and the feeling of being on the side of a mountain.  We were always secured with a harness and clamps so I felt safe.  Tour guides accompany you on the trip with instructions for safety and movement.  The trip is between 3-3.5 hours long and the cost is between $80-$115.  They have packages for combining other activities and even lodging.  We booked lodging on site because I wasn't sure about drive times. There is also camping on site and cabin rentals.  
The lodge has 8 guest rooms.  Each room has a full size bed and a set of twin bunk beds. 

There weren't a lot of options for food nearby unless you were willing to drive a little ways.  That usually isn't a problem for us but I'm not a fan of curvy roads...and WVA is CRUVY roads.  We did find a spot for dinner here at the Front Porch Restaurant.  The food was pretty good (or we were starved) and the view was amazing. 

Seneca Rocks in West Virginia

Bird show...for free

Our day didn't end here but my blog post will...more to post later.  You didn't think the fun ended with a mountain climb did you?

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