Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Zip Lining Adventures

Last year Mark and I visited Shenandoah River State Park and "Zipped the Park" with Virginia Canopy Tours.  Since we had never done more than a short zip lining course we wanted to try it out ourselves and get a feel for if the kids would like it.  After two zips it was pretty clear that this was something the kids would LOVE.  I started planning a trip in my head that would involve the kids and a return trip back to the park. 

Now I will share a little secret about some of the adventures we go's called Living Social.  That site has some really good deals and some really fun things to try out.  That is how Mark and I went on our first Canopy Tours Trip last year.  This year it offered a similar deal and knowing I wanted to take the kids I jumped on it and bought 4 packages.  The regular price to zip is $89 but the package price on Living Social was $39.  Can you say BARGAIN! I booked a room for a night in Front Royal (same place Mark and I stayed last time) and made our reservations for the zip lining.  Virginia Canopy was very easy to work with and even helped me switch times when I needed to add an extra person. 

This time I knew to get the Go Pro...if you do nothing else...get the Go Pro!  It's an extra $35 and worth every penny!

8 zip lines, 1 set of air stairs, 1 air bridge, 1 repel down,  2 nature walks and an ATV ride up to the zip lining start=3 teenage kids that thought their parents were awesome for arranging to do this with them. 
Living Social has a similar package going on now.  The price is a little higher but includes an inner tube so you can float on the river after all that zip lining.
The park itself does have if you do want a little more adventure thrown into your trip then check it out. 

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