Friday, July 6, 2012

Are we there yet???

Well we are finally at the start of the weekend.  And the Busy Bryants are coming to the start of another adventure!  This time we are taking our bus and heading out of the state....seems we just did that for some reason ;-)  Anyway....Tomorrow we all board up and head east to the great state of Tennessee.  We're joining 3 other families and staying in a king size home right on a river.  I am super excited!  The other families have been before and came home raving about it so now I am just like a kid wanting to know....ARE WE THERE YET?  You can take a virtual tour of the house here.  I am pretty sure that like our last vacation I will be MIA....sorry folks but adventures take a lot of work!  Until then some pretty pictures from our 4th of July celebration.

I made this cake like I made this one....yummy!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and in case I really do end up MIA then have a great week!  Do something fun...go have an adventure!

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