Tuesday, July 31, 2012

High Bridge Trail State Park

Saturday we crossed another State Park off of our list of sites to see.  We visited and biked a portion of The High Bridge Trail Park in central Virginia.  To say exactly where this park is located is a somewhat lengthy chore...it's located along 31 miles of abandoned railways in Nottoway County, Cumberland County, Prince Edward County and Farmville.  Donated to the state by Norfolk Southern Railway, the old railway is now a trail for hiking, biking and horseback riding.  The main draw to this park is the High Bridge.  Crossing over the Appomattox River, the bridge takes you up over the tree tops for a view that is just awesome!  I could have just stayed out on the bridge for hours (too bad I didn't bring a lunch along).

The Bridge

The view

The Bridge

The view

The Bridge

The View

Between the magnitude of the bridge and the view that it offers I can't tell you what had me more excited. The trail leading up to the bridge was not difficult (unless you were pulling a toddler and carrying a back pack) and along the trail we come across at least two park bathrooms.  There are a number of places to get on the trail but parking is only at select spots.  We jumped on the trail in Rice and planned on biking down as far as Farmville...this was approximately 8 miles.  We knew we would have to bike back so that was as far as we were willing to commit with all the kids along with us.  We took along at least two bottles of water each for the trip and being such a hot day the water gone at least a mile before we made it back to our bus (Mark's vehicle).  We made it to the put in at Farmville and you could see the out skirts of town.  I have to admit I wanted to go a bit further to see what was along the trail closer to town.  I was hoping there were a couple places to grab a bite to eat or something to drink.  But we decided to turn back and make our way back towards the bridge. 

Emma getting packed up to go

One of the 'bathrooms'....really an overgrown outhouse....but it's better than a tree

Crossing Rt. 460

A portion of the trail.  It was all pretty flat and easy

Captain Morgan perhaps?

Small bridge heading into Farmville

Christy about 3 miles from the finish...and really it was a struggle to get
her to the end thought I might have to drag her!

Loading up on water

A family picture :)

My mini stud muffin...hahaha

It was a really fun adventure but a word of advise....don't start your trip at noon....on a really...Really...REALLY hot day and expect that someone won't object.  Do remember to take lots of water or something to drink and take bug spray and sun block (not a lot of shade from mid-morning until evening). 

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