Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Bottle Tree

Not to get this tree confused with our Seasonal Tree....I now have a Bottle Tree.  Now if you are like a lot of folks you are probably scratching your head (hopefully not your a$$) and asking "What is a bottle tree?"  At which time I'll point you to this site and tell you to read on.  There are all sorts of versions and I happen to like making my own things...or having Mark make them for that's exactly what we did.

For now we don't have a ton of bottles on it.  ButI think filling it up, bottle by bottle, will be part of the fun
 :-)  And for now the bottles are on there in a sort of uniform way....I plan on just putting the rest here and there to make it look more like a real tree would.  If you have any blue bottles or deep green and live in the area leave me a comment.  I'll take all you got.  Now if they happen to still have wine in them I suggest we become best friends and split the bottle....<evil grin> 

Mark and I are off this weekend to run in the Tough Mudder race....wish us luck! 

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