Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Northern Virginia's Wine Country

As I said before....if you suddenly find yourself with a lot of free time on your country is not such a bad place to be.  Since the Tough Mudder Race, we were supposed to run, got cancelled on Sunday we decided on an alternate plan.  As we travelled back into Virginia from Maryland we stopped at three wineries.  Mark and I had hit on on Saturday before meeting up with our friends.  So four new wineries to add to our winery list :)

First stop on Saturday was at Hiddencroft Vineyards.  This beautiful stop came with a tasting house and a barn.  We arrived later in the day and close to their time to close.  I was a little scared they would rush us through just to get us out.  But they had music playing in the barn and they were staying open a little late :)  We came away with a bottle of Grandma's Love Potion, Cherry and Dutchman's Creek. 

Through here to the tasting house

The tasting house

Due to the race being cancelled and everyone being in a foul mood we decieded to open the wine we bought Saturday very early on Sunday morning (think 12:30 am kinda early)....that led to three empty bottles and me skipping the tasting at the first two stops on Sunday....hahaha.  I still had a good time!

The first stop along Highway 9 on Sunday was at Loudoun Valley Vineyards.

We bought a bottle of the Dynasty

Stop number two was at 8 Chains North.  Close to a couple farms and tucked off the highway just a bit this place was really nice. 

Our mess of a crew

Now that is a patio

Lots of seating areas with a Moracan theme going on

Our final stop along Highway 9 was at the Hunter's Run Wine Barn.  The owners of this winery are two sisters from Ireland.  There is a pub feel to the place with lots of Irish decorating going on.  Very cute and very cozy. 

Upstairs loft for little ones to play. 

The day was pretty awesome despite the fact we didn't get to run our race.  We could either get a refund or transfer to another site to race.  We're all switching to the Virginia Beach Race in 2013.  A few more photos from the day to finish this posting off.

And no....I hadn't drank too much!

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