Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Father's Day Craft

I wanted to decorate the seasonal tree and do something special this year for Father's Day.  But what the heck can you do?  I figured why not Google 'Father's Day crafts'....apparently most men wear ties or get ties for this occasion so there are a lot of crafts centered around that.  Mark is NOT a tie man.  So I just decided to try my own ideas.  I went with the Father's Day Wreath.  Nothing fancy and you might of seen the idea on here before for another holiday.

I used: a wire coat hanger shaped into a circle, 4 coordinating fabrics and a ribbon to match, some yarn, mini clothes pins and printable letters from Shanty Chic.


I cut the fabric into strips about 5 inches long and maybe 3/4 inches wide.  Honestly I didn't measure anything.  Just cut and figured what the heck.  Then I tied the various strips of fabric on to the wire coat hanger, covering the entire thing.  The I cut the ribbon into 5 inch long strips and tied those on as well.  I used two small pieces of yarn long enough to go from one side of the wreath to another.  One over top of the other.  I printed out #1 DAD and cut them out.  Finally I placed them on the yarn with the mini pins.  I picked up the pins way back at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. 

And that is IT.  DONE!  Easy.  Right?!  Finished product below.  You can see a few of the ribbon pieces in this picture. 

The seasonal tree is a mixture of regular ornaments and ornaments that remind us of DAD.  Fishing ornaments, a mini wine bottle or two, a fire truck (my dad and Tommy and Christy's dad were volunteer firemen), a few ornaments with get the idea.  You can use whatever makes you think of your dad!  Pick his favorite color, pick ornaments for his favorite sports teams, use mini picture frames with pictures of DAD.....have fun with it. 

I like how the tree and the wreath turned out.  One of my goals this year was to put something up for the special DAD's that are in my life and the kid's lives....mission complete :-)

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