Friday, December 5, 2014

Grinch day 4 and 5

I won't lie...Day 4 of Grinchy's visit was so far the hardest...of ANY that I have done. 

The concept was simple enough....I wanted The Grinch to take some animals out for a walk.  I had pipe cleaners to use for the "leashes" and thought I would just put them around the ponies' (yes ponies) necks and then in his hand.  Either the ponies wouldn't stay up right or Grinchy was falling over.  I'm pretty sure I cussed twenty times before I finally said ..... well it's not important what I said but it ended up with me just leaving it alone and walking away in a huff.
Day 5 was a lot more fun and a LOT easier. 

The army men stormed the house, took The Grinch Hostage and now he is asking for help.  Seems the army men were not happy with his pranking. 
We'll have to see if he gets free in time for day 6.  Hope you guys have a great weekend.

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