Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Elf....I mean Grinch on a Shelf

I know a lot of people do the Elf on a Shelf thing...but that just wasn't....US.  While driving to work last year (thoughts always come to me when I can't write them down) it occurred to me we needed a Grinch instead of an Elf.  He just seemed like he could get away with more naughty behavior.  And naughty behavior IS US.  I finally found the right size on Amazon and within a few days I had Grinchy, that's what I call him, in hand and was planning out all the fun and mischievous things he would do.  Pinterest was by far the most helpful.  A few things just came to me as I was driving haha. 

I didn't post the day by day happenings of Grinchy last year since time was scarce. Not even sure I'll be able to get to them this year.  But even if I can do a few at a time it's better than nothing.

And our Grinch works just like The Elf on the Shelf...he shows up at the beginning of December and reports back to Santa on the kid's behavior.  You can't touch him because that will break the magic. 

This year Grinchy floated in on some balloons and left Emma a note telling her he was back to play and that he hoped she would behave.  I'm pretty sure she rolled her eyes at the behaving part but she does love getting up to see what he did over night. 

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