Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Grinch day 6-10

Still doing our thing with Grinchy...I didn't get pictures of him on day # 6...he found his way into our cake stand and got trapped. 

Day #7 he redecorated our tree...with Emma's underclothes.  And to top it off the cat got blamed.

Emma didn't fall for it...she knew her kitty was way too nice to pull a stunt like that.
Day #8 he incorporated some help from some of Emma's vegetables in watching over her.

Day #9 Grinchy was in action trying to lasso idea what he planned to do if he caught her.  Unicorn even got to see some fun this time. 

And today (#10) he tried his hand at zip lining.  This was actually pretty good.  I would put him up at the top and he would slide right down.  He even came with an encouraging note today.

My plans tomorrow are going to require me to do some hot glue work tonight.  Can't wait to see how it turns out    :-)

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