Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Brew Sunday

On a very recent Sunday afternoon, Mark and I, got a case of cabin fever and felt the need to get out of the house.  We had the idea of trying out one of the local breweries but which one was the problem...so we ended up trying three.  I think we can say we have tried all of the breweries in RVA now.

First stop:  Ardent Craft Ales

Nice outdoor seating, although it was a bit chilly for us!  5 beers on tap, 4 to a flight (tasting).  Lots of seating, free Wi-Fi and they didn't seem to mind that we brought a 4 year old along to keep the adults in check.

Second stop:  Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

When you say Hardywood in Richmond everyone immediately thinks of their Gingerbread Stout...it's not Christmas without it!  Very big open spaces, I think all the beers were on the flight but really I missed him explaining it.  Live music was playing while we visited.  Also has outdoor seating but no Wi-Fi.

Third stop:  Triple Cross Brewing

The last stop puts you a little closer to downtown Richmond.  Again there is outdoor seating...really it was just too stinking cold for it!  7 beers on tap/4 to a flight.  Free Wi-Fi and a larger/adult version of Jenga to try out. 

I've seen this at one other Richmond Brewery but darn if I can remember which one!
It was nice to get in from the cold in some of Richmond's finest breweries.  I guess the cold weather IS good for something. 

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