Sunday, January 25, 2015

Wine Weekend

Mark has had this idea for about a year that we should do a "wine crawl" that involved some of our more local wineries.  And by local I mean still a few counties away in New Kent.  But the few he had in mind are pretty close to each other and could easily be visited in an afternoon.  He wanted us to work our way east so that we would be able to make a short drive to Williamsburg.  Then we could stay the night and visit the one winery there and make our way home.  The only thing we were waiting on was a good time to do it.  Last weekend was the perfect time.

We started at New Kent Winery.  We've been here several times, it never disappoints.  I'll actually be back to visit them on Valentine's Day.  They host a 10K...Race for the Chocolate :-)  How could I say no?  This winery is just off of I64 in New Kent County.

Our second stop was just a 10 minute drive east to Saude Creek Vineyards. This is another one we have visited several times.  They usually have music out on the porch in the summers and a fire going in either the fireplace or fire pit.  This particular day they had music inside and more people than I've ever seen at the tasting bar.

Our third stop was to a winery we had only visited once before.  It's newer to the area but becoming a fast favorite,  Gauthier Vineyard.  It was just a short drive, maybe 10 minutes, away from Saude Creek. 

We had the best time at Gauthier.  Our wine host was exceptional and we literally stayed until they were closing up.  

Knowing this was an over night trip I had already made reservations in Williamsburg for us at the Comfort Inn Historic Area Williamsburg.  The pictures on the website looked pretty good and the price was right at $39, but I have notoriously picked places that don't end up being the deal you think you are getting. This time I was surprised!  The entire place was clean, the bed was awesome, the location was easy to get to with several options for food right around it.  I think the low price has more to do with it being off season for the area.  

After getting a good night sleep we made our last stop on the wine crawl.  Another winery that we recently visited, Williamsburg Winery. This particular day we woke up to a chilly rain.  So I didn't take pictures of the winery itself in fear of looking like a drowned rat.  When we left the rain had let up and fog was coming I grabbed a few pictures of the vineyards.

A few friends joined us for the trip so it made it all that more special.  I always say that yes I love my wine but more than anything I love the memories we make visiting the wineries with friends and family. 

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