Friday, January 2, 2015

First Day Hike 2015

In an effort to get on here more I decided the posts don't have to always be about the adventures we take.  There is something to be said for finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.  That is something I try to practice every day.  Maybe you will also find something extraordinary in my ordinary (not that anything this bunch does is ordinary).

I shared a picture yesterday from our 2015 First Day I thought I would share a few of the other pictures from the park.

These were all from the Powhatan Trail at Pocohantas State Park in Chesterfield Virginia.  This trail was easy enough that we pushed Emma in a jogging stroller for the length and back of it (maybe 2 miles).  The temp was in the 40s but between the movement and being dressed warm everyone was cozy enough.  To get into the park there is a $5 parking fee or you can do like I did and get a life time pass.  Check out the Virginia State Park Website for info on that.  

The weekend is here and we have no big plans to travel.  I do plan on getting my Christmas decorations down and the January decorations up.  I also have a few plans for some 'winter crafts'....darn Pinterest! 

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