Friday, October 23, 2015

The Halloween Tree

The Halloween Tree

A Halloween tablecloth cut to fit my tree
I've had the tree up a couple weeks but hadn't gotten around to posting pictures of here it IS!  The Halloween Tree.  I've seen a couple friends on Facebook post pictures of theirs too.  I love looking at everyone else's trees.  So glad it's catching on.
I've had a few people along the way ask about starting a seasonal tree.  If you are thinking about it now would be a great time to start shopping.  Walmart, Target, Michaels, Hobby Lobby all have ornaments out and at a discount.  Shop the sales and use store coupons. 
For me when I think about a certain holiday I also usually think of a certain for Christmas I think or green and red.  So if you start with just colors you can't go wrong.
And you can always buy plain ornamental balls and dress them up. 
My Halloween Tree at work.  Black marker on white balls

Here is an idea I found on Pinterest....cute right?

And something I found while checking out Pinterest....which would cost less than $

Idea found here.

You get the idea.  At least enough to get started.  If you do one send me some pictures!  Like I said I love to see them. 

In other news...this weekend is the Petersburg Half Marathon.  I've trained every week for a couple months so we will see if it pays off or not.  We are also hosting a Halloween party this weekend....after the race.  I've made no plans Sunday since I have no idea what condition my body will be in.  I'll fill you in next week on how it goes.  Happy weekend to you until then.

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