Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Our weekend went by in a flash and I'm just now catching up on the start of my week. 

We attended the Friday for the Arts in Old Town Petersburg, did the Rugged Maniac 5K, did a long run in prep for a half marathon and finished off with the Richmond Folk Festival.

 Friday for the Arts takes place in Old Town Petersburg the 2nd Friday evening of every month.  The shops in Old Town stay open late, art is out on display and many of the restaurants have live entertainment.

The Ward Center

The Ward Center

The Art Room

Saturday morning was overcast, sometimes rainy, chilly and overall gloomy.  Despite that we made it to The Rugged Maniac 5K in Dinwiddie VA.  25 obstacles, mud and beer...I think that is part of their slogan...and that is what we got.  Because of last weeks rain we had more than our fair share of MUD!  We sipped part of a beer and headed home to clean/warm up! 

Rugged Maniac

Emma at a birthday party...others enjoyed cake...she enjoyed the chicken

Sunday morning I headed out alone to get in a long run in preparation for The Petersburg Half Marathon.  I had a plan to get in 11.5 miles but somehow (I miss calculated) exceeded that.  12.2...guess I'm pretty ready.  The race is still a couple weeks out so I have no idea what to do until then.  Suggestions?

I even found a new trail in the park

Don't just my pace...yes I am slow...no that is not walking

Sunday afternoon we headed to Richmond for the 11th annual Richmond Folk Festival.  Amazing artists, food like crazy and all for free.  Free.  I still can't really get over that part.  Of course the band I wanted to hear was scheduled to be at the end of the day but The Alt was worth the wait.  The time allowed us to hear other bands.  Win-Win.

The Alt

Pretty packed weekend.  My house looks like a disaster area, no really it does.  We need to cut our grass.  The fridge is pretty barren.  But really it's all ok.  We had fun as a family, we saw some things we would never of seen had we stayed home and cleaned and I found a new group to add to my playlist.  I can clean tomorrow. 

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