Friday, November 27, 2015

Hamlet Vineyard

In my last post about Fairy Stone State Park I mentioned there are a few wineries near the park.  One of those wineries is Hamlet Vineyard which is in Bassett VA.  On the drive down to the park I planned to visit a couple wineries but I ran into a little trouble.  We were driving down on a Friday afternoon and most of the wineries weren't open.  Hamlet's web page indicated that you could make appointments to visit.  I emailed them and sure enough heard back that day.  The owner advised she could indeed accommodate my sister and myself for a wine tasting.  I'm certainly grateful that she did as it turned out to be such a beautiful place with wonderful wines. 

See what I mean about beautiful place!  Like a lot of Virginia Wineries, this one is family owned and operated.  And the feeling of family came through loud and clear when Virginia, co-owner with her husband, didn't bat an eyelash at Emma running around acting like a typical 5 year old. 
The wines were exceptional and I would have carried all of them home with me if I could.  Instead I settled for a bottle of the Pinot Gris and something red.  I'm not going to lie...I forget what the second bottle was.  I say was because neither bottle made it through the weekend.  I guess we will just have to visit again to pick up more wine.

Like all good wineries...this one has it's own dog :-)

Virginia did tell us that in the summer they partner with a river outfitter to take people to the nearby river for kayaking.  They follow that up with wine back at the barn.  Since I did say we wanted to visit Fairy Stone in the summer maybe we can slip over here for more wine and a new adventure :-)

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