Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year and a First Day Hike

Happiest of New Years to you!  We are just getting settled back in from a quick New Year/Birthday trip.  I got the wild idea that since we've never brought in the New Year at the beach it would be the perfect year to mark that off the list.  Plus it was my birthday and everyone knows that if it's your birthday you get to pick where/what you do :-) 

Our nearest beach is Virginia Beach-about 2 hours away.  With all the kids in tow we headed East and in no time found sand, waves and a boardwalk still decorated for Christmas.

Three miles worth of the boardwalk is decorated with lights.  At night you can drive on the boardwalk to take in the full affect.  We did that on a visit a few year ago. 
We had a great dinner and played board games until later in the night.  Then headed inland just a smidge to actually bring in the New Year.

Laser show

Virginia Beach puts on a big celebration including a laser show, live music, a ball drop and fire works.  Last Night on the Town. 

Last Night on the Town

Everyone but Emma managed to make it to the new year awake and standing.  It was a fun night celebrating with family....and of course a few thousand strangers :-)
The next morning we continued a Bryant Family tradition with a First Day Hike.  Since we were at the beach we visited First Landing State Park for our hike. 
Bald Cypress Trail

I have been here countless times.  We have camped here, biked here, stayed on the sandy beach for hours here....but I have never hiked here.  In fact I have never been over to the hiking trails.  Can I just tell you that it was awesome!  First off the weather in the area had been raining for days, if not weeks.  The day of our hike the rain stopped and for a brief minute the sun actually came out.  Secondly I love swampy areas with a boardwalk.  Weird I know but I LOVE it.  There are plenty of boardwalks over swampy land here.  As an added bonus this is one of the few areas in Virginia that grows Spanish moss.  I was in heaven.  Third...my family was all together.  With Tommy off at college and working we don't often get everyone together as much as I would like. 
Now we are home and getting back into the routine of work, dance classes, scouting and crafting.  I hope that you all are enjoying the New Year.  May you and your family share many bright blessings. 

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