Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Not Just Blue....Blue Velvet

I was looking for something to lend itself to my recent need for blue.  What I found was something that not only added to the blue phase but something to also satisfy my sweet tooth.   Blue velvet cupcakes :-) 

My inspiration for these cakes came from One Particular Kitchen.  The recipe can be found here.  I did get some questions as to what makes a cake "velvet" versus just straight up cake...and I still can't really put my finger on the difference.  There is cocoa, vinegar and buttermilk in the recipe.  I don't usually add those ingredients to my cakes so I imagine the combination of them has something to do with the final product.  Most of the time the velvet cake is associated with the color red.  But since I was working with a blue theme I used blue food color to get the final look. 

They turned out very moist and just the right amount of sweetness.  The icing is cream cheese.  I do think I would try these again with a butter cream frosting instead.  The cream cheese was good but just a tad rich for me. 
I other winter news....since I've been held up inside I decided to finally put a couple recycled jars to good use.  I used a paint pen to draw snow flakes on an old sauce jar.  Then filled it with Epson salt and a votive candle.  It makes a nice addition to our dining table.
And I can check off the Richmond Frostbite 15K.  When I singed up for the race I had no idea it would actually snow the day of the race.  I'll just call that a bonus. 

I'm trying to convince myself that I love winter.  It's.  NOT.  Working.  Come on Spring.

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