Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Plans for the New Year

I know we are a good month into 2016 but I am just now sitting down to make plans for The Busy Bryant's Adventures of 2016.  I usually have done this by now but I've been a tad busy this month with Girl Scouts, work and a snow storm that had us buried in for 3 days.  Planning while the storm was going on sounds like it would have been the best time but honestly all I could do for an entire day was stare outside at the snow coming down.  Then once it was finished falling we headed outside!

Yes that is a kayak!

Ok, so now back to planning...I have an on going list that I keep of the places we (I) would like to visit.  I would say 95% of the places are here in Virginia.  Every now and then a place out of state ends up on my radar and I feel the need to write it down.  It seems that for each one I get to cross off the list I somehow add two in it's place.  I guess that is also what keeps us busy :-)  And with each new year I rewrite my list with all the places we want to visit minus the ones we've gotten around to.

Some of the things are just local places I want to try out while other things will take longer to plan and actually get around to.  And now looking at my bucket list and what I'm actually planning I realize the two lists don't really match.  I have some things I'm planning that didn't make it on the paper list...they are just on the mental list.  Visit ALL of the Virginia State Parks, run a race every month, try a new restaurant when we can...that type of thing stays on the Mental List. 
So far this year I am planning a trip to Hampton for a 10 mile race this month, a trip to Hungry Mother State Park also this month, a camping trip to Douthat State Park in the summer, a couple hikes, a winery trip early fall, a bike trip on the Mt. Vernon trail and a few half marathons.  My goal every year is to schedule an adventure every month.  This year I want to add in a race once a month along with the adventure.  I already know some months the adventure will be the trip for the  I know a lot of people that plan beach trips every year or a big family vacation once a year....we tend to go for long weekends and the occasional week long trip that allows us to visit a couple places.  That's how we roll. 
Anyone planning anything exciting here in Virginia?  I'd love to hear about it :-)
Happy planning. 

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