Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Old Town Petersburg

There is just something about small quaint little places that drawn me in....and keep me coming back for more.  And Petersburg is one of those places.  The town of Petersburg itself is full of historical sites...many of which can be found in the area of town known to locals as "Old Town".  When in the area you can understand where that names comes from.  But don't let the name fool you.  The buildings are old yes but the feel of the shops, dining and entertainment is all new. 

There are antique stores, consignment shops, small diners and restaurants, boutiques, coffee and book shops, museums and Old Town is also home to the Petersburg Regional Art Center.

The Oak Antique Store.

Open....come on in!

Side walk murial

More sidewalk art.

The Siege Museum

The Siege Museum dressed up for Christmas.

What a window display!

On the second Friday of each month the stores in the area stay open extra late and the Regional Art Center puts on an art display for visitors to the area.  Some stores serve refreshments and offer specials, the Art Center has artists on hand with various art and also serves refreshments.  This particular Friday the Art Center had live music and a cash bar. 

The Art Center

The Art Center.

Christmas music filled the room.

I couldn't get Christy to stand near this thing!

After visiting the Art Center we walked around the area just a little more getting a feel for some of the new spots in the area. 

Visitor Center

Center fountain

You can see it's past my bedtime :)

It was an enjoyable Friday night.  I liked seeing all the holiday displays and even got to see some Christmas Carolers.  Mark and I spotted a new place to try when the kiddos aren't with us...keep you posted on that :)  Hope the Merry season has everyone feeling full of cheer!  T.T.F.N.

She said he was a boring date!

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