Thursday, December 1, 2011

Williamsburg Virginia

A couple weeks ago I was able to slip away with a girl friend and spend a little time in Williamsburg Virginia.  When most people hear Williamsburg they think of Colonial Williamsburg and conjour up sights of women in period dresses or men wearing tricorn hats and coats with least when I think of Colonial Williamsburg that's what I think.  But the part of Williamsburg we visited was the portion that draws in all the the shoppers :)  There are outlet malls, Christmas stores, stores I've never heard of and a few stores that make it snow inside!

We went down on a Friday and, as I've shared in a previous post, we stopped along the way at New Kent Winery and at Saude Creek Winery.  I finally downloaded those pictures!

New Kent Winery

Inside the tasting room

For your shopping pleasure.

Step up to the bar.

Looking out at the vineyard.

Saude Creek Winery

The magnificent view from the deck at Saude Creek.

This porch was made to sit on and have a sip!

Front porch of Saude Creek.

The bar where you do the tasting.

The cozy fire.

If you rather sit outside by a fire...they have this!

After stopping at these two great places we headed down the road and checked in to our hotel.  We stayed at the Quality Inn on the bypass in Williamsburg.  I snagged a good deal on Kayak and it was nicer than I expected...minus the noisy neighbors holding a meeting at 6 a.m. in the hallway! 

We had dinner at Carrabas (my first time ever going) and did a little shopping around.  Breakfast was at The Bakers Crust and OMG...crazy good food! 

Dinner hit the spot! 

Breakfast at the Baker's Crust :)

French Toast with rum and bananas!

Some of our shopping was actually next to Colonial Williamsburg in Merchant's Square.  The shops here are small and quaint.  You find yourself walking along and finding the unexpected.  

A shop at Merchant's Square.

Couple playing with a cat in an alley.

A Farmer's Market was set up too for browsing.

All the shops look like they are from a bygone time.

This road leads to the old Colonial Capital.

An unexpected find around a corner.

Our cat friend waited for us to come back.
There is a gigantic Yankee Candle store in Williamsburg!  That is the store that will make it snow inside!  It's a treat to take the kids in and watch them play inside.  Carrabas is right next door by the way ;) So if you go with a group if someone will wait for the seats everyone else can go next door and do a little shopping! 

It was a great get away with my friend and a great way to start a little Christmas shopping! 

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