Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Kent Winery

New Kent Winery

A couple weeks ago my girlfriend and I took a short trip to Williamsburg and made a couple pit stops along the way.  Our first stop was at New Kent Winery.  I enjoyed it so much (along with Saude Creek Winery) that this past saturday Mark and I took a few of our close friends back with us to enjoy a day of wine tasting and gorgeous views.  With weather in high 60s/low 70's it was perfect for sitting on the patio and deck and catching up with our friends.

New Kent winery in particular is known in the area for being a "pretty winery" to visit.  Some wineries that you visit are just buildings with little more than good wine to offer.  But this one offers a place that is pleasing to the eye as well as the pallet. 

From the parking lot.

From inside looking out the back to the patio.

There is a large front porch that welcomes you in to a large open area for tasting and buying wine.  Tastings are $5 each and to add a tour of the facility it's an additonal $3.  One the back in another large porch with tables and seats for a picnic or for just relaxing. 

The kids found a seat just their size.

Everyone waiting for the next tasting.

Since I had been once before I already had my favorite picked out.  It was nice to hear what others enjoyed and what others would be taking home.  I personally loved their Chardonnay and the White Merlot.  Yes White Merlot!  They have a special press that makes a Merlot that is truly white.  And very good!  I had gotten these two on my first visit.  With Mark there I know we got three more and I think they were totally different than the two I bought.  I know he got their Patriot but I didn't see what the two others were.  Either way I know they won't go to waste :)

A quick picture of everyone with their new goodies!

They are open Tuesday through Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. So make some plans, pack a picnic and let me know which wine turns out to be your favorite!

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