Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Love

The Busy Bryants actually stayed put this weekend.  Sorta....mostly....kinda.  Well we didn't go on any trips!  But to say it wasn't a busy weekend would just be a lie!  We worked around the house, we worked outside the house, and we worked in our community. 

Mark and Tommy volunteered their Saturday cutting wood for a special need while I worked around the house getting things back in semi-order.  Since we haven't really been home on the weekends all that much it was looking like a bomb went off!  Then again with Emmapoo around it usually looks like that. 

Emma helping mommy :)

When Mark got home I worked on another project I have been wanting to get done for some time now.  A sorta rock garden/flower garden.  I needed something right next to the driveway to help keep the grass from growing right up next to it.  So I thought this would work....

And everyday I look outside my front door and think "I need to really do something out there" but the leaves are just sooo pretty that I hate to.  It reminds me of a yellow carpet.  So for now I've left it alone.

Looking out my front door!

I did work on getting some mulch down right in front of the house.  And it looks nice....even if I do say so myself.

I think a pretty Japanese Maple right here would be nice.

While I was busy cleaning these two were busy being silly.  But it worked out.  Christy kept Emma busy long enough for me to get done outside.

My two sock monkeys!

Sunday we didn't really slow it down by much.  I volunteer at Pocohontas State Park and headed over there right after breakfast.  I wish I had made the kids come along.  It was far too nice of a day to be inside.

Look at the colors!

Sunday afternoon wasn't bad.  Dinner was in the crock pot and I was able to pick up more mulch and more rocks to finish out the 'to-do' list for the weekend.  With the holidays coming we are planning on being around the general area maybe I can get the rest of my list checked off!  Hope Monday is treating you well. 

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