Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Abingdon Winery

Well you didn't think I was going to visit an area with a winery and NOT stop in did you?!?!?  While on our trip to bike the Virginia Creeper Trail, which you can read about here, we stopped in and visited Abingdon Winery.

Abingdon Winery

I think because the area seems so rural and hometown I was expecting something smaller...but this winery was anything but small.  They offered a complementary tasting of 6 wines from there menu of over 20 wines!  The owner and her brother were in the tasting room doing the pouring and according to the brother the owners actually do the blending.  They were able to help us narrow down what we would like and then started pouring!

The wines on the wall are award winning wines.

Large tasting room with a lot of natural light.

They have a piano in the corner and a small fire burning in the fire place....can someone say cozy!  They do sale wine by the glass and when I asked to have three glasses our host pointed out that it would be cheaper to just buy a bottle and have it uncorked right there.  And so we did. 

Plenty of seating around the embers.

They look like they are up to no good.

Yep that box next to him is OURS!

The winery has a large patio outside and a picnic area right next to a rolling stream.  I could so see myself out there on a warm summer day.

Patio area.

Picnicking by the water.

According to some of the other people there doing a tasting the winery is only about a half mile off of the Creeper Trail.  So if you are doing the portion of the trail from Abingdon to Damascus you can easily stop in here for a bit and have a tasting and rest up from a long journey :)

An old barn at the winery

The winery

Another shot of the winery

Hurry you still have time this year to make it!

We really enjoyed our little visit here.  And since it was after we had biked all day it seemed like the perfect reward for all of our hard work! 

We left here and went in search of some of the rest of our party that opted out of wine tasting in search of fishing.  We found them further down the road (same road as winery) at a fishing boat ramp and more of the bike trail.  The spot was just as picturesque as the rest of the trail. 

This is along the trail.  So a nice spot to stop and eat.

Across from the trail is a large stream for fishing.

We found her on the trail and took her home with us :)

It really was a great way to wind down our day.  We topped it off with pizza at a local pizza place and headed back to the house to zonk out!  I started looking at places to stay as soon as we got home from this trip so that we can maybe stay a week when we come back.  Yep that's us....always looking for the next adventure.   

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