Friday, December 16, 2011

Yay or Nay

New Kent's Patriot

Remember our trip to the New Kent Winery?  If not you can check out some of the details here.  On my second visit to the winery Mark picked up this little bottle of wine and we opened it this week to give it a full scale taste.  To me the taste of wine in a winery is different than the taste of wine at home.  I know the amount of time the bottle is open and what the wine is eaten with or what you drink ahead of time change the flavor so how it tastes at the winery does not mean it will taste the same later.  But since it still tasted great I was not let down :) 

If you visit New Kent Winery's web site they no longer have it listed as a selection.  I know that this was a special creation and that part of the money from the sales of the wine were going to help the families of soldiers.  Their wine menu describes the wine as "Refreshingly sweet, blended white wine."  I would say that's pretty accurate.  With 3% residual sugar it was a sweet wine but not so sweet to the taste that I couldn't stand it.  I really don't usually care for dessert wines so it was just sweet enough to have with some fresh fruits or crackers but not sweet enough to serve as syrup!  We enjoyed this wine so another "Yay" for the records. 

The weekend is upon us and holiday shopping and a few errands to run for the weekend are in store.  Have a great one folks! 

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  1. It always pleases me when I read about what is happening in the life of people and glad that people share it over the blog. I hope you get the wine again, thanks for sharing this lovely piece