Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Decorating for the Summer

Summer is slowly coming to a close.  The two oldest are slightly excited to get back to school.  I still can't believe how fast they have grown.  All of them.  It breaks my heart.  But before summer is totally gone I snapped picture of the beach decorations that we put up in honor of summer :) 

I really must get my camera back out and start using it again! 

Of course the Beach Tree.

This weekend we'll take down the  beach decorations and put up the "Back to school" decorations.  I store most of my decorations for the tree and around the house in rubbermaid containers.  I counted them the last time I was in the attic.....22 or them.  And I need two more.  Some of those are the extra big/longs ones too!  Dang I got a lot of decorations. 

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