Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sand and Shell ornaments

This year I needed to add a little something to my Beach themed seasonal tree.  I previously had sea shells on the tree and last year at Christmas time I picked up some blue/teal glass balls.  But I knew I needed just a little something else.  I found a few ideas online but after searching the isles of Michael's I came up with another idea. 

It took me two trips to Michael's because the first set of 6 turned out really nice and I wanted to add more. 

All you need: clear ornaments, sand of preferred color, small seashells, and ribbon.

Pour some of the sand into each ornament, fill with a hand full of shells, replace the top to the ornament and put a colorful ribbon through the top of the ornament.  The kids actually helped me with this craft.  Maybe something to do with playing in sand.

I used ribbon just to add some color to the tree but regular ornament hangers work well too. 

The final edition :)

Happy crafting :)

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