Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Saude Creek Winery

I've blogged about it before and I'll probably blog about it again, Saude Creek Winery.  Being that this particular winery is less than an hour from the house it's very convienent to us and even if it wasn't I would still go.  The atmosphere here is very laid back and family oriented.  Last week I got an copy of their monthly newsletter in my e-mail....they were advertising an outdoor concert on Saturday night.  Well this particular couple just happened to not have any plans for Saturday night....so guess where we went! 

Now a lot of things can go wrong with an outdoor concert, most of which are weather related.  And this particular Saturday it looked like the concert might be a wash.  Buckets of rain got dropped on the area.

That is our driveway and street.  The
street actually FLOODED

I was really worried that all my planning (ok really just a few text messages and phone calls) would we washed away along with the concert.  But with a quick call to the winery I was able to find out the concert was still on.  Insert happy dance here. 

Warning:  these pictures are blurry and may contain images that insect hating people should avoid.

Julie is a former cheese model and was demonstrating
she still has skills

One of the few fire pits on site.  There is a wooden
stage in the back ground. That is for
concerts on dry days

The view from the back deck

The band played on the big wrap around pourch

This would be Saude...the winery kitten

This would be Creek...the winery spider

And the band played on

There actually was no rain at the winery the entire night.  Just a breeze blowing, wine flowing and music in the air.  Twas a great night.  

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  1. It was relaxing and so much fun there! The band was great! Everyone there was really enjoying the wine, music & atmosphere!! A definite place to return to ... and return to... and.....