Thursday, October 11, 2012

Getting Lost in The Plains

On Saturday, after watching Tommy run an amazing race, The Busy Bryants headed to The Village of The Plains.  I won't lie...The Village of The Plains sounded like a horror movie title to me.  But as it turned out The Plains is nothing like a horror movie.  It's more like a Norman Rockwell painting.  Small, quant and seemingly stuck back in time this place was the perfect spot to stop and get lost.  And get lost we did.  But what do you expect when you walk into a corn maze?

The Corn Maze in The Plains has to be one of the very best mazes/pumpkin picking/children's play areas I've ever been to.  There was a small shop with goodies, lots of play stuff for the kids, a hay ride, pumpkins ready for the picking and a giant corn maze of course. 

Before heading into the maze there was a briefing....basically they told us that if we got lost they would see us tomorrow...haha.  Actually they gave each group or family a tall flag and said if we got lost and didn't want to keep walking around in circles to wave the flag and they would come get us.  There were six stations in the maze that would give us clues.  You had to answer a question at each station and if we answered right then we got pointed in the right direction.  We must have answered right  because we found our way out.  I didn't time how long it took but when we went in Emma was awake and walking.  By the time we walked out she was snoozing hard in our arms. 

The maze is located a little east of Manassas right off of I-66.  And this particular maze does moonlight maze hunts that seem pretty cool.  General admission was $9 for adults, $8 for 12 and under,  3 and under free.  The hayride, maze and all the play equipment (there was a lot for kids to play on) was included in the price.  There was a concession on site with hotdogs, hamburger, chips and drinks.  Over all I really enjoyed this place.  So if ever in The Plains during the end of September or October stop by. 

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