Friday, October 26, 2012

Point of Rocks Park

It's just a small county park...but it makes me so happy.  Point of Rocks park, in Chesterfield, has ball fields, a playground, picnic areas and my favorite part....a ton of walking trails.  I usually visit this park when I want to get in a run outdoors.  I will pop in my ear plugs and just take off.  This time I opted to leave the ear plugs out...and walk...just to take in everything on my journey.

On this visit I ran into 2 snakes, a pack of Cubs (scouts), a man with his three boys and more bugs than a person can count.  But it was one of the most relaxing walks ever.  The smell of autumn is in the air, a hurricane is on the way and snakes are all out to play!  Haha. 

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