Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Staunton River battlefield State Park

While on our recent weekend trip to Scottsburg (Halifax County) we made a stop at Stauton River Battlefield State Park.  This park is should not to be confused with Stauton River State Park, which is close and we also visited.  The Battlefield Park is a historical Civil War site that is near and dear to many in this area.  There are two entrances to the park, each with a visitor center.  The park has Confederate earthworks and a trail that is close to a mile long.  

Crossing over to the earthworks


Beautiful views along the entire way.

The visitor center for Roanoke Station

Could have passed for a real train station if you asked me

Mark and I nicknamed the trail Honeysuckle Path because it smelled of honeysuckle the entire way.  There were no bathrooms on the mile long path.  There was a port-a-john at one end of the trail and the station at the other end of the trail.  The only problem was that on a Sunday morning the station was closed.  There are picnic tables at the station if you want to bring a basket full of goodies....and invite us. 

Hope you are getting over this hump day....or as we call it Hump Me Day ;-)

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