Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Caledon State Park

I have a personal goal of visiting all of the Virginia State Parks.  I'm pretty sure I've shared that goal with you guys...haven't I?  Either way...we found ourselves with a free day a couple Sundays ago and decided to make it a family event.  I had been eyeing this park, thinking it was close enough to go just for an afternoon and not feel like we drove more than we picnicked or hiked.  I was right. 

The parks one and only picnic shelter

The park is just east of the city of Fredricksburg, in King George County.  For us that meant a trek up I 95 and then a short drive east.  Most of this was pleasant enough but we did hit one snag on the way up.  I'll get to that a bit later.  The trails are a mixture of single path/dirt trails and some road size/gravel covered trails.  I'm more of the single path but we wanted to see water so gravel it was.

Hampstead Road Trail
Potomac Overlook

The park is right on the Potomac so you get some amazing views. We were told you can also see bald eagles.  None were out while we were there but a few boaters gave us a show.

Visitor's Center

Playground area

Fern Hollow Trail

The park offers programs like sunset kayaking, 5/10K races in the park, a wine festival along with the usual hiking, fishing and biking. 

On the way there my sister, who was in a separate car, had a little bit of a problem.  She got a nail in the sidewall of her tire.  We were close enough to Fredricksburg that we got off of interstate and headed north or Route 1 until we found the closest tire store.  Before no time she was all fixed up and we were back on our way. 


Fun park to visit for the day...plenty of hiking and other things to keep you busy.  If you are like us then you might want to visit some local wineries.  Oak Crest would be the closest (Google Map said 5.9 miles away) with Ingleside (18.4 miles away) and Potomac Point (about 40 miles away).   
If you live in Virginia I hope you are enjoying the milder weather.  I know I am!

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