Friday, September 11, 2015

Crabtree Falls

When people talk about hikes in Virginia, Crabtree Falls is one that always gets mentioned. And now I know why.  It was on my "to do" list for a couple years and we can finally say we've done it.  While in Nelson County a couple weekends back we took advantage of an opportunity and visited the falls.  There are a few ways to hike this trail-short, medium and long are the best ways to describe it.  We did the short hike which consisted of up to the top of the falls and then back down.  The mile markers stopped at 1.7 so 3.4 for a round trip.  The long hike involves hiking to Spy Rock and is 13+ miles. 

You can see in the pictures that railing is provided along some of the trail.  Also along the trail are signs warning hikers to stay on the trail.  Many hikers have been injured or actually died because they ventured off the trail (into the falls) and fell. You can see that some of the rocks in the water are covered with a green algae...that is SLIPPERY.  Even with all the signs about staying out of the water we saw a few people beyond the man even had his child with him.  A week after our visit a friend sent me an article about another person falling to their death.  So people....STAY OUT!   


We made it!

At the top!

At mile post 1.7 you reach a somewhat level area that is spread out enough for people to stop and take a break before either continuing on or going back down.  I have to admit I was hoping for fewer people so that we could just relax and enjoy the view...but everyone seemed to have the same idea so the top was dense with people.  It was a weekend with gorgeous weather so maybe during the week would work better if you wanted some seclusion.
We took a few minutes to enjoy the view here and refueled before heading down.  Going down took half the time :-) We choose this opportunity to come because we didn't have the 5 year old...and I'm so thankful.  We did see some young children out hiking but some were being carried too...and no doubt our smallest wouldn't have made it (she isn't not a fan of long walks or hiking).  If your kids are troopers and like hiking go for it, just keep them on the trail. 
 Like I said at the beginning of the post I can see why this hike is so popular.  Great views, waterfalls, hiking that isn't too difficult but still gives you a work out...what isn't to love.  I think this would be a fun one to come back to in the fall and when the youngest can tolerate longer hikes. 

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