Monday, September 21, 2015

Where is Summer Going?

Another fun weekend had by all. 
We started Friday evening with catching a play a local theater and just kept it gong from there.  The play was 9-5 The Musical and the performers did a great job of entertaining the audience.  Sadly this was the last weekend to catch it.  Otherwise I would recommend you take the time to see it. 
Bright and early Saturday morning we headed to Richmond for The Color Run.  This was Christy and Emma's first time taking part in the race and both did a great job.  After cleaning up for the race (yes it all washed off) we went to Jumpology for a birthday party.  Emma had a blast and I have a new idea for a mid-week work out!  Saturday night we got some work done around the house in time to relax by the fire and finally catch our breath.
Sunday morning I was up early to train for a half marathon.  8.5 mile logged by 10am.  The race is near the end of October so I have to stay on track!  Sunday afternoon we got back out on the Appomattox River with Eco Trek Adventures.  A few hours of kayaking on the water had us whipped for the day. 
Like I said last week, we are trying to squeeze everything out of this summer that we can!  You can already feel a change in the temps (honestly it feels pretty awesome) and the days are growing shorter.  Before long I'll be pulling my long sleeves out of the attic. 
No pictures during the I got just a couple at the very end while they were taking their bows. 
It really does seem like the happiest 5K on the plannet

This was the only time she held still the entire visit.


Eco Trek Adventures in Prince George

The one and only bald eagle we saw....can you see him?

Christy stayed in front the entire time...that's what young arms can do for you

This week is filled with dance lessons, birthday celebrations (4 birthdays in one week), appointments and packing for a camping trip.  I'm already worn out just thinking about it. 
Tell me about your weekend.  Where did you go?  If it was in Virginia...maybe it's some place I've never been.  I would love to hear about it. 

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