Thursday, February 7, 2013

Do Not Feed the Wildlife

Just when I thought I was back....I had a terrible case of the norovirus.  And let me tell you it's a bad virus to have!  I lost 5 lbs overnight!  Yes I said 5 lbs.  All fluid I can assure you.  I can also assure you BBQ Freetos have the same zesty flavor coming up as they do going down :-/ 

But today I am feeling better.  My stomach is making a lot of sounds like a bear growling every time I eat.  Thus the "Do not feed the wildlife".....Mark came up with that one :) 

While in re cooperation mode I worked on a few projects that required very little movement.  Thought I would share them with you guys along with a few more pictures of the tree.

The Valentine Card Swag

Just use a window cling and press it to a flat platter

A new Valentine Wreath

The card swag came from an old deck that Emma got her hot little hands on.  She lost a few so the deck was no good.  I found the idea on Pinterest and couldn't wait to try it myself.  I just punched holes in them, strung them on some pretty ribbon and added valentine material strips here and there. 

The platter....SO EASY.  I bought some cheap window clings for the girls room (cause you know I decorate every room in the house).  As I was walking through the house I glanced up at the kitchen self and boom it hit me....How about that platter up there?  Wonder how this would look?  I think it worked well enough to try it for all my holidays.  WIN!

The wreath....again....super easy.  I grabbed a wire hanger, bent it into a circle (actually I asked Mark to since my tummy was screaming at me) and just tied strips of valentine fabric around it.  See I told you, easy!

My cheap wreath :)

The Valentine Table setting

My mom crocheted the pink
centerpiece eons ago for me

I still have a couple Valentine crafts to finish up.  My mom has to help with a felt heart garland I am making and I have an old table cloth that doesn't fit the new table so can be changed into a tree skirt.  I may or may not get to that this year....either way, no worries. 

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  1. I love how your house is always so festive!! maybe you should start a side job of decorating!!!