Friday, February 22, 2013

Paint by Number

Ok it's not REALLY painting by numbers....but it's just as easy.  Last week Mark and I both visited the Richmond location of Wine and Design to get our Art Buzz On. The concept of the class is simple: get some friends together, grab some wine and enjoy a night of painting while sipping your favorite drink.  The studio provides everything you need to paint a master piece, you just bring the wine.  If you didn't have time to pick up a bottle they have wine and local beer available for purchase.  They also have a menu with food options. 

This particular night we were painting The Winter Cardinal.  Our canvases were already set up for us when we got there so that allowed time to get the wine started. 

The instructor leads you step by step through the painting.  She tells you what brush to use, how to hold it, what paint to use and how to mix it for the right color.  So it really seems as easy as painting by numbers!  And the more wine you drink....the better your painting looks :)

If this sounds familiar it might be because I blogged about going to the same studio here.  You can choose what painting you want to do by looking at their on line calendar and then going that particular night.  Most classes are $35 and the entire thing is done in a couple/few hours.  It's the perfect place for a girls night....or in our case a date night. 

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